Cannabis-Touching Firms Spark Greater Investor Interest

The Marijuana Business Daily has released its chart of the week, mapping out investment trends in the cannabis industry.

According to research and industry analyst Becky Olson, the numbers indicate a shift in investor behaviour. There was a tendency for investors to avoid companies that actually touch the plant in favor of "safer," ancillary goods and services.

But now, that's not the case.

Writes Olson, "with changes occurring on all fronts from the number and type of investors involved, the amount of money being funded and the stages at which it's being obtained, there's a lot of capital moving around. This gives cannabis entrepreneurs and investors alike ample reason to be optimistic about entry or growth opportunities in the country's quickest growing industry."

Here's the chart: you can read Olson's full analysis here.


Prime Minister-designate Boris Johnson has dabbled with illicit drugs in the past, but reforming the United Kingdom's antiquated cannabis laws probably won't be part of his future. On Monday it was officially announced that MP Boris Johnson had been elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, which means he will succeed outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May as the head of government. Johnson is expected to take a different approach to politics than his predecessor, but anyone hoping that he will push for national cannabis reform probably shouldn't hold their breath.

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