A Stress Ball For Wayward Travellers

Most city maps increase stress for travellers. Whether you get lost because your Wi-Fi connection drops, or you're getting cramps and cuts from trying to fold those old-school paper maps, navigating a new city can turn a pleasurable excursion into an inescapable nightmare.

Hungarian designer Dénes Sátor has a solution for this common travel woe: a new invention called the " Egg Map." This squishy ball doubles as a stress reliever and a palm-sized map. The psychedelic colouring on the surface is actually the layout of the city. Squeezing the egg lets you zoom in without stressing out as you find your bearings.

It's also highly durable, according to a recent story in CityLab. Unlike phones and paper maps, the egg can be used in rainstorms. The waterproof material also makes for cleaning easy in case of spills, and it won't crack if you drop it. Best of all, you can vent your rage with the ball: throw it against a wall, and it'll bounce right back. Try doing that with an iPhone (NOTE: please don't, actually.)

It's filled with air, so taking it along won't weigh down your luggage--or your pockets while on the go.

The contents of the map are divided into colour-coded districts, allowing you to break down urban sprawl into manageable chunks. Along with street names, the Egg Map includes handy icons designating transportation hubs, hotels, hospitals, famous sights, and places of worship.

Right now, the Egg Map is a prototype that only comes in one city: Budapest. However, Sátor plans to expand his business to include maps of other major cities. You can sign up to find out when new cities will be added, or to suggest cities to map by following this link.

He's also interested in suggestions, so feel free to pitch a catchier name than "Egg Map." (Palm-lette perhaps?)

h/t designboom, Fast Co. Design, CityLab


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