The Internet's 11 Best Reactions To The Comey Hearing

If you're on the Internet today, you've probably been glued to former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate select committee on intelligence. 

We were watching too. Here's a sampling of the Internet's best reactions to the hearing that everyone will be talking about.

Many people gathered at their local watering hole to observe the proceedings: 

Excitement was in the air...

...even for people stuck at the office:

Some people even decided to do some yoga while watching the hearing: 

Some people imagined what the conversations between Comey and President Trump were like:

Others speculated on what Comey's pre-testimony pump up music was:

Many Tweeters hoped, along with Comey, that there would be tapes released in the near future:

Now that the public hearings are over, people are speculating on what might happen in a closed session:

And many others wondered: Where's Donald Trump in all of this?

Let us know if there are any brilliant Comey tweets we missed. In the meantime, we'll be watching for those tapes. Lordy, we hope there are tapes...


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