Toast is probably the most popular breakfast item besides cereal. You pop a piece of bread in the toaster, wait a couple seconds, it pops out and you eat it. Pretty simple. But apparently when it comes to slicing toast, things get a lot more complicated.

The internet engaged in a huge debate recently over the correct way to slice bread. The controversy began when the Twitter account "Hallamnation" tweeted out the following:

The pretty early consensus was that the third slice was basically an abomination.

I have to admit that as a kid, my mom would always slice my toast like number three, so I was a little concerned that I had been brought up in some sort of Pagan Toast household. But it turns out others used number three and thought the others were unusual as well.

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At the end of the day, the consensus seemed to be that number one was the preferred method.

Personally, I don't even cut my toast anymore. I hold the whole piece in one hand while scrolling through Twitter with my other hand. That's the correct way to eat toast.

(h/t Distractify)