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The Internet Is in an Intense Debate Over Correct Way to Slice Toast

Toast is probably the most popular breakfast item besides cereal. You pop a piece of bread in the toaster, wait a couple seconds, it pops out and you eat it. Pretty simple. But apparently when it comes to slicing toast, things get a lot more complicated.

The internet engaged in a huge debate recently over the correct way to slice bread. The controversy began when the Twitter account "Hallamnation" tweeted out the following:

The pretty early consensus was that the third slice was basically an abomination.

I have to admit that as a kid, my mom would always slice my toast like number three, so I was a little concerned that I had been brought up in some sort of Pagan Toast household. But it turns out others used number three and thought the others were unusual as well.

At the end of the day, the consensus seemed to be that number one was the preferred method.

Personally, I don't even cut my toast anymore. I hold the whole piece in one hand while scrolling through Twitter with my other hand. That's the correct way to eat toast.

(h/t Distractify)


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