Words Of Wisdom From Inspirobot, A Website That Randomly Generates Inspirational Quotes

The best thing on the Internet this week is Inspirobot, a site that makes randomly-generated motivational posters. 

If you've been in a doctor's waiting room, or a guidance counsellor's office, you've seen the stereotypical motivational poster. In recent years the format has become most popular on Instagram, but the ingredients are always the same: a faux-deep quote and a beautiful background photo. 

Enter Inspirobot. With the click of a button, it randomly assembles some words of social media wisdom for you to take forth into the world. Some are dark, some are profound, most are absurd. And we can't stop making them. 

Here are a few of our creations. Share yours in the comments. 







Banner image: Inspirobot 


In the age of the internet, any schmo off the street could probably name you every superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every old lady and her dog can provide their hot take on the ongoing Kirk v. Picard debate.