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Inside an Underground New York Marijuana Dinner Party

Just because marijuana is illegal in some states doesn't mean people aren't using it. In fact, they often go through great lengths to keep their cannabis use secret.

The New Yorker recently ran a story about one of their writers attending an underground marijuana dinner party in New York City. The writer said she went to an alley at an undisclosed location. Eventually the writer was led upstairs along with other guests where a chef named Miguel Trinidad, who runs two Filipino restaurants in New York, had prepared a cannabis-fused meal. Trinidad and his friend Doug Cohen run an edibles company called 99th floor when they throw various themed cannabis dinner parties. 

Each course of the meal contained between two and five milligrams of THC, specifically using OG Kush because it's piney flavor would complement salty food. The food was mostly standard Filipino cuisine, but with a little THC added.

Trinidad noted that they're more limited on what kinds of strains they can use since marijuana isn't legal in New York. While they do seek out certain strains (for instance, Tangerine opens up the nose and is good for salad dressing), they often have to work with what they get.

Of course, not all cannabis dinner parties are illegal in New York. The writer noted that she spoke to another group who threw regular marijuana parties, but used CBD in the meal instead of THC. Since CBD without THC is legal in New York, there isn't anything illegal going on at that party. So there's no need for secrecy.

If you're interested in getting the full picture of what a marijuana dinner party looks like, head over to The New Yorker.

(h/t New Yorker)


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