Inside The Informants, Loopers And Undercover Investigation That Led To Sweet Leaf Raids

A budtender’s six-month stint at the Sweet Leaf Marijuana Center in Aurora came with no incidents — no activity recognizable as illegal or suspicious.

The same couldn’t be said after that employee was transferred to the Sweet Leaf location off 38th Avenue and Clay Street in Denver, according to a Denver Police Department affidavit obtained by The Cannabist.

“Things are a little different here,” an assistant manager allegedly told the employee during his first work shift at 2647 W. 38th Ave., “you’ll get used to the Loopers.”

The affidavit, one of several filed as a request for search warrants in the case, provides some glimpses into the year-long investigation of alleged illegal marijuana sales at the Denver-based Sweet Leaf chain.

The investigation, which is ongoing, zeroed in on alleged incidences of “looping,” in which individuals would make repeated purchases of 1 ounce of recreational marijuana — the maximum allowed for purchase and possession, per Colorado law — several times a day.

On Dec. 14, police raided several Denver-area Sweet Leaf locations, executing search warrants and arresting 13 budtenders, employees involved in the sale of marijuana. As of Thursday, 10 employees have been charged with either misdemeanor or felony distribution of marijuana.

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Banner Image: Sweet Leaf Marijuana Center at 2609 Walnut St in Denver, displaying a Notice of Suspension from the City of Denver Department of Excise and Licenses. (Alex Pasquariello, The Cannabist)


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