Ganja Gym: 3 Cannabis Products For Your Workout

There's a mounting body of evidence to suggest that fitness-minded folks are even more in love with smoking cannabis than couch-bound hippies: the drug's anti-inflammatory, zen-calm-inducing effects make for a remarkably painless run, can enable athletes to overcome the mental hurdles associated with limit-pushing workouts, and even shorten recovery time from injuries. From meal replacements to smoothies to topical muscle rubs: here are some of the cannabis-infused products that put the "high" in "high performance athlete."

1. Cannabis Protein Bar

This ain't your grocery-store hemp seed granola bar: this protein bar by Sava is infused with Sour Diesel cold water hash, in addition to being high in fibre and Omega 3, with 12g of hemp protein. Non-dairy, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic rolled oats, brown rice, dates, raisins, almond butter, dark chocolate chips, chia seeds, and more high-quality ingredients are united with hash-infused organic coconut oil and flavoured with organic cinnamon, vanilla, and himalayan pink sea salt. Comes in a high-dose bar with 180mg (!!) of THC, which is four to eight average-sized doses - or a low dose 60mg bar, which is two to four average-sized doses: either way, you'll have to exercise discipline in terms of the amount you consume.

2. CBD Elite Muscle Freeze

muscle freeze

With the tagline "Mary's Envisions a World Without Pain," this Colorado-based manufacturer of THC and CBD-infused topicals, lotions, and transdermal patches have developed a formula specifically for sore muscles. Mary's Nutritionals Muscle Freeze is an all-natural muscle rub infused with 200mg of CBD, sourced from a "boutique hemp farmer located in Colorado [which focuses on] growing only the finest medicinal grade hemp," free from pesticides, moulds and contaminants. Other natural plant extracts provide a soothing, cooling effect. Available in 1oz size, with 50mg of active cannabinoids

3. Americanna THC Gummy

Many runners swear by energy chews for a boost - and THC-infused gummies can provide a double whammy of easily-accessible energy, and a body buzz to help you crush an extra-tough afternoon on the trails. These precisely-dosed treats from Americanna are a super-efficient way to deliver the goods: less waiting around than for other, heftier infused treats, and manufacturers "guarantee, to a micro-litre, exactly how much THC is on each piece of candy based on our proprietary infusion process, with first-run, high-quality oil," according to founder Dan Anglin.


After leaving the Republican Party in protest over the GOP's refusal to impeach President Donald Trump, Congressman Justin Amash (I-MI) is trying to shake up the status quo again by filing a bill that would end federal cannabis prohibition in America. Amash's new bill bears a striking resemblance to the STATES Act, which was introduced to Congress last year by Senators Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). However, there is at least one key difference between the two bills.

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