Cannabis Cocktails: Your New Refreshing Summer Drink

Savouring a perfectly-crafted cocktail is one of life's small rewards after a long week - but even the most dedicated whiskey or vodka connoisseur might, after a while, crave a different kind of buzz. On long summer days when you're feeling blasé about booze, it could be time to branch out and seek a herbal alternative.

Cannabis cocktails are easier to make than you might think, and as award-winning bartender Eric Scouten points out, "Ingesting cannabis has a different buzz altogether: your body gets a little heavy and slow, while the mind is less affected than when smoking."

The flavour profile of cannabis cocktail depends on the strain and concentration.

"Some are more flavourful and aromatic then others," says Scouten, who adds that cannabis "goes well with most citrus based cocktails," and according to many people is "very nice with anise or liquorice."

So what's the best way to incorporate bud and booze? Most frequently, says Scouten, cannabis cocktails are made by "infusing cannabis into high-proof alcohol - 40 percent and up. By allowing it to soak for a few weeks, you can end up with a good extraction. The higher the quality and quantity, the stronger the infusion."

While there's an argument to be made that cannabis infused beverages are better without the addition of liquor, it's up to you whether you double-down - although you've gotta proceed with caution.

"You can end up with a very high concentration when you're mixing it with alcohol," says Scouten, which can be "a good recipe for the spins and a short night."

So: with that in mind, make some cannabis sugar, a tincture, or simple syrup, and get shakin'.


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