India Empowers Women

India is now empowering women with its plan introduced by the state government of Maharashtra that reserves five percent of rickshaw permits for women. The state first announced this initiative in early 2016, allocating 465 licenses for women in Mumbai and the neighboring district Thane. These female Maharashtra drivers take both male and female passengers, unlike the similar government plan in New Delhi and Ranchi where pink rickshaws are available only for female drivers and riders for safety purposes. The new drivers are not afraid for their safety however, because they can look after themselves and are more excited than anything to work outside their homes.


Despite being one of the most overweight countries on Earth, the United States is one of the biggest waster of foods on the planet as well. And part of that is because we're too confused to understand expiration dates. A survey conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins revealed that many Americans throw out food before it's needed.

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