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Incredible Meteor Strike Caught on Video

Aurora Service Tours is the original northern lights holiday company that is located on the most northern road in Finland, in the heart of the fells on the banks Tenojoki River. For three nights, guests are taken on a dedicated aurora chasing tour in a minibus that typically drives over 620 miles a week. The company first started as a northern lights information service, but now it takes thousands of people to see the northern lights for the first time. While seeing the northern lights, guests stay in cottages, which allows them to run out at any moment to look up at the northern lights.

Even if guests aren’t able to run out immediately, they won’t miss seeing anything because the company records a 24/7 live feed of the northern lights. The tours recently experienced an unusual occurrence when the cottages suddenly shook, almost like there was an earthquake. Lapland doesn’t get earthquakes, so guests were uncertain what they experienced until they discovered a meteor had struck near Inari. The cottage shook in response to the sonic boom that was fortunately caught on the 24/7 live stream.


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