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In Memoriam: Stars Lost To The Alt-Right

There's been a pretty big cultural shift happening these past couple of years. Politics are more divisive than ever, marginalized groups are having their voices heard amongst powerful opposition, and celebrities and influencers are falling from grace seemingly every day.

It used to be fun to check in on the daily gossip, but nowadays, seeing your favourite public figure trending on Twitter can give you a serious knot in your stomach. So let's commiserate together with an in-memoriam-style look back at a few stars who bought into crazy, ultra-conservative ideology. 

Whether it be an issue of too much money, mental illness, or a simple lack of connection with the outside world, these once-beloved celebs can be officially be considered lost to the alt-right.

Kanye West

The media has always had a sort of love/hate relationship with Kanye West, lambasting him for every little crazy thing he’s done, like, say, stage-bombing pop starlets, or declaring he’s a “proud non-reader of books.” But, as soon as the latest album dropped, all seemed to be forgiven.

This trend seemed to take a turn in 2018. Whether it was his crazy twitter posts, his support of Donald Trump, or his infamous declaration that “slavery was a choice”—wherever the media’s line was, he seemed to have finally crossed it. 

…Those new albums, though? Straight fire.


Although he is a relatively popular solo act, most remember rocker Danzig as former lead singer of The Misfits--the legendary punk band and brand licenser for Hot Topic.

People love to argue about what is, and isn’t “punk,” but whatever your definition may be, it probably doesn’t apply to the rock singer’s recent support of Donald Trump’s travel ban, or his accusation that Planned Parenthood is “selling baby parts.”

Pretty rich, coming from the guy who once sang “I got something to say/I killed a baby today.”

Jon Voight

Jon Voight means a lot of different things to different people.

To film nerds, he’s the star of the 1969 classic, ‘Midnight Cowboy.’ To celeb-watchers, he’s Angelina Jolie’s father. To ‘Seinfeld’ fans, he’s a biter. And to hardcore conservatives, he's the old guy who played George Washington in 'An Alt-Right Christmas Carol.'

Today, he’s known to just about everyone as that crazy old guy who said Trump will be our “greatest president” when speaking at his inauguration.  Gross. 


When ‘Roseanne’ returned to television screens last year, the press went wild. Back in the day, the show was considered to be one of the funniest most subversive shows in the sitcom format, but this new version seemed to have a very different, much more conservative tone.

Things only got worse behind the scenes, with the star openly supporting some of Trump’s worst policies and sending out a bizarre, racist tweet about former White House official Valerie Jarrett that eventually led to her firing by ABC. 

Screen Shot 2018 05 29 at 10.49.02 AM

Has she just completely lost her mind? Nah. For those who’ve been paying attention, the signs have always been there. Remember when she dressed up like Hitler? Or, how about that awful rendition the national anthem?

The cause for all this? Ambien, I guess.

Clint Eastwood

Think of the epitome of mid-20thcentury cool. Who comes to mind? James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, and Clint Eastwood, right?

Well, Audrey Hepburn and James Dean are dead, and, in terms of their reputations, they might be the lucky ones. In any case, you don’t see either of them whining about the “pussy” millennials or arguing with chairs.

It’s too bad, too. Eastwood can still direct a decent movie now and again. Plus, he still has a bit of that old-school, hard-edged cowboy look…you know, if you squint.

Dennis Miller

The nineties, man. You had to have been there.

It was a time when it was actually refreshing to hear rich white dudes spout their unfiltered opinions on politics and society. Now? Eh.

Catapulted by his legendary stint as host of SNL’s Weekend Update, Miller went on to do several talk-heavy comedy shows throughout the rest of the decade and into the early 2000s, spawning his fair share of imitators (*cough* Bill Maher ), the comedian is now known for…well, nothing, really.

When he is heard from it’s usually because of some right-wing nonsense he’s spouting as a guest on Fox News or some other disreputable program. Oh well.

James Woods

Remember “Videodrome?” Man, that shit was awesome.

In the nineties, Woods had a pretty good track record of picking fun, memorable roles. He was pretty good in them, too. In the past few years, though, he’s mostly been known for his frequent guest appearances on ‘Family Guy.’

James Woods tweet 650x782

That is, until 2017, when he suddenly became best known for transphobic tweets and publicly feuding with his talent agent, who dropped him over his inability to shut the hell up.

Dennis Rodman

Before the Trump endorsements and the visits to North Korea, there was a time when Dennis Rodman was just a great b-ball player.

Sure, there were controversies back in the day, too, like the dyed hair, or wearing a wedding dress as part of a promotional tour. In retrospect, however, this probably had a lot more to do with society’s problem with sports figures not acting in a typically masculine, heteronormative way than it did with Rodman himself.

So, in a way, that stuff is actually pretty cool, looking back. Being best buddies with an overbearing dictator? Not so much. 


Admittedly a bit of a throw back, but come on, if Elvis shaking Nixon’s hand wasn’t the ultimate display of uncool celebrity conservatism, we don’t know what is. 

Parodied everywhere, the photo has become an icon. Hell, it even got its own movie back in 2016.

Sure, people will try and excuse it. “Oh, he was just pranking him,” the fans say. “He was trying to get set up as an honorary narcs officer to score some pills.”

Nope, The King just straight up sold out, and it was lame as hell.


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