I’m Too High, Now What?

No matter how much you smoke or how high your tolerance is, all marijuana smokers can relate to the inevitable “I’m too high” moment. Although there have been zero reports of deaths from a cannabis overdose, when people get too high, they freak out and go to the hospital, where the only cure is time. We want to help make these “I’m too high” moments less stressful for you, so we have some tips to help you come down from that high. First, simply don’t panic. Everything is fine and everything is going to continue being fine, the symptoms will dissipate within minutes or hours. Now, when you’re feeling paranoid and anxious, sniff or chew on a few black peppercorns and you should feel immediate relief. We have a few more, but what tips do you have for those “I’m too high” moments?


Despite being one of the most overweight countries on Earth, the United States is one of the biggest waster of foods on the planet as well. And part of that is because we're too confused to understand expiration dates. A survey conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins revealed that many Americans throw out food before it's needed.

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