Illinois Citizens Could Vote on Marijuana Legalization This Fall

Illinois is seen as a very likely candidate to legalize recreational marijuana in the next few years, although not necessarily in the near future. But it turns out state residents will possibly be able to vote on marijuana legalization...sort of.

An Illinois state senate committee advanced a bill that would create a ballot initiative this November for Illinois voters to decide whether or not they want to legalize recreational marijuana. However, the initiative would be non-binding, meaning that even if voters approved it, there would be no change in Illinois laws. Instead, it would simply indicate to state politicians about what voters want.

Obviously if the initiative were allowed and voters approved it, that would put massive pressure on Illinois politicians to begin taking steps towards legalizing the drug. So even if the initiative in November wouldn't officially change anything, that doesn't mean it would be entirely pointless.

Of course, next November there will also be an important gubernatorial race in Illinois as well. Incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner does not support recreational marijuana, while two of the three leading Democratic candidates in the race do. So it's possible that Illinois could have a ballot initiative demanding recreational marijuana as well as a pro-cannabis governor next November.

(h/t Chicago Tribune)


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