Illegal Cannabis Grow Busted After Someone Leaves The Front Door Open

The first rule of having an illegal cannabis grow-op? Make sure you close the front door.

One aspiring cannabis kingpin in the Welsh town of Llanelli learned this lesson the hard way. Last Friday, neighbors noticed that a small home on Gilbert Crescent had its door open for "several hours". 

Dyfed-Powys Police responded to calls about the door. "On entry,” said a spokeswoman, "officers found a number of cannabis plants in various stages of growth, as well as paraphernalia linked to cultivating cannabis.”

So where was the occupant? According to police, they were nowhere to be found, despite searches on the property and door-to-door inquiries around the neighborhood. 

Suffice it to say, wherever this person is, they are probably beating themselves up over their mistake. 

h/t WalesOnline


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