IHOP Has Changed Its Name to IHOb, and You Won't Believe What the B Stands For

The International House of Pancakes, better known as IHOP, has long been a staple for people looking for pancakes and eggs in the morning hours. But apparently IHOP's decided you shouldn't be eating their pancakes after all.

IHOP recently announced a new campaign where they will be changing their name from IHOP to IHOb, the "b" being an upside down version of the letter "P." Now, you're probably wondering what the heck the "b" stands for in IHOb, and you probably guessed "Breakfast" since that's mostly what IHOP is known for. But according to the restaurant chain the "b" actually stands for...burgers.

Apparently IHOP wants people to know it's not just a restaurant for breakfast or brunch (or 3 a.m. food runs after a night of drinking). It's also a great place for lunch and dinner. To add to this, they will also add a bunch of new burgers to their menu to help beef up that reputation. 

Now, IHOb is not going to be the official name of the restaurant chain. It's simply a marketing campaign to help drive lunch and dinner sales. They will still be officially called "IHOP."

But still, it feels wrong to go into an IHOP and order a burger. That's like going into a Pizza Hut and ordering a burger. Or going to a KFC and ordering a burger. Or going into a Noodles and Company and ordering a burg...ok, you get the point.

(h/t CNN)


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