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'If You Want To Smoke Marijuana You Should Be Able To Smoke It’ - 5 Highlights from Bill Nye’s Latest Interview

Renowned science guy and television personality Bill Nye has reached a new, older audience with his new Netflix show ‘Bill Nye Saves The World’. The show tackles subjects like extinction, superbugs, sleep habits - and of course marijuana.

Weed is the subject of Nye’s latest interview with Rolling Stone. Here are five highlights from The Science Guy’s foray into the world of cannabis:

A Personal Encounter With Cannabis

"My mom had breast cancer. A guy I worked with, his wife had cancer, and she claimed she had great benefit from cannabis pills to relieve her chemotherapy. My mother never took them. This would be in the 1980s. My mom didn't try it because she was not of that age. I think it was a generational bias. But if it works, let's go."

Israel Is A World Leader On Cannabis Research

"Well the guy in Israel, [legendary cannabis scientist Raphael Mechoulam], and the [medical marijuana] program in Israel was for us the most compelling and reasonable analysis. People there get very well-documented benefits from marijuana use as a medicine in various forms. So this is worthy of investigation."

Easy On The Conspiracy Theories

When asked about Big Pharma, Nye advises readers to take a deep breath and forget conspiracies:

“It's much more reasonable that it's just 320 million people, in the world's third most populous country, all competing for resources and economic benefit. Let's not connect the newspaper articles with yarn and pushpins on a big bulletin board. It's much more reasonable that it's just everybody trying to make a living and pushing against each other."

Study Our Sperm!

"There is mounting evidence that when men smoke marijuana a great deal, it is more difficult for their wife to get pregnant. And this has to do with the way sperm swim when a guy smokes a lot of dope, apparently. So that's something, as a taxpayer and voter, I would like to know more about. The virility consequences."

Bill Doesn’t Use Marijuana - But That Could Change

"Then again, the strains of marijuana may change. My general health situation may change. And I may become a big fan of marijuana. But right now it's not my thing."

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