If You Value Your Life, Don't Say 'Rock Is Dead' To Josh Homme Of Queens Of The Stone Age

Word to the wise: never knock rock music around Josh Homme. The Queens of the Stone Age frontman once terrorized a record executive who said the band's genre was passé.

It all went down a few years ago when Homme's band was having a difficult meeting with some higher-ups at Interscope Records. At one point, an exec scoffed at the group and said "rock is dead." That's when Homme went from mild-mannered guitarist to Batman villain.

"I was like, you probably walk around the world thinking, 'Nothing's ever gonna happen to me – I can just talk the way I want.' But I've gotta let you know, everything could change in a few seconds, based on what you say next. Isn't that crazy – you're in that world all of a sudden?" he recalled in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Then he took out a knife and added, "Wanna know how I got these scars?" (we presume).

Needless to say, the band's relationship with Interscope soured soon after, so they switched to indie label Matador and released two more albums. The latest -- called 'Villains' -- hits shelves tomorrow. So if you want to check rock's vitals, have a listen to their latest single -- 'The Evil Has Landed.'


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