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If You Smoke Marijuana, Then You Probably...

Civilized has partnered with PSB this year to conduct a survey of over 1,600 North American adults to explore modern cannabis culture. We wanted to find out what kind of things cannabis consumers like to do. So without further ado, if you smoke marijuana then in the past month you probably...

Enjoyed some reading: Books, magazines, newspapers - we name it, you read it. Cannabis users are keen on being educated and staying up to date with current affairs. This goes for both Americans and Canadians with 53% and 52% respectively saying they've done some reading over the past month.

Cracked open a cold one: Coming in just over reading was having a drink. 54% of Americans and 58% of Canadians claimed that they've had some sort of alcoholic beverage over the past month. Though we can't be certain, our bet is that most of you were drinking these new bud-infused beers. Canadians are a little more likely to smoke up then they are to grab a drink - that's probably because of the inbound legalization of recreational cannabis nationwide.

Hit the gym: People who smoke weed like to keep a fit bod. 56% of Americans and 61% of Canadians say they've done some kind of exercise over the past month. This actually puts you ahead of the pack, as marijuana users are more like to exercise than non-users.

Spent some time at the arcade: Ok, maybe not actually at the arcade, but it is likely you played some video games. 59% of Americans and 68% of Canadians say they've played a video, mobile or computer game in the past month. Gamers and potheads have long been lumped in to the same 'lazy-good-for-nothing' category  - but since marijuana users are more active, we think you deserve some gametime every now and then. Plus, we already know that video games and cannabis are a great combination.

Watched some Netflix, or called a friend: Maybe even at the same time? These two entries are actually tied in both the US and Canada (weird, right?). 64% of Americans said they have streamed video and called a friend over the past month. In Canada, this number was slightly higher at 65%. We're not sure if this reinforces the stereotype of the anti-social stoner, or proves smokers appreciate their relationships.

Visited friends or family: You're a social group after all. 66% of Americans and 72% of Canadians like to get out and socialize. That's not all that surprising since the more active your social life is, the more likely you are to use marijuana.

Contacted friends and family through text or email: Life is busy, so kudos to you for keeping up when you can. 69% of Americans and 72% of Canadians said this is how they get in contact with people.

Watched TV: 72% of Americans and 71% of Canadians say they've watched non-news TV over the past month. That doesn't mean you actually don't watch the news. It just means you appreciate the many fantastic TV shows in production right now, and who could blame you?

Used a social networking site: These results follow a similar pattern to what we saw last year. 76% of American and 79% of Canadian cannabis users puts you ahead of non-users in social media use. Take the good with the bad with this one. Social media is increasingly important to how people conduct business these days, but there's also growing concern around social media use. Stay safe out there.

Watched a movie: Marijuana users are cinephiles. The number one thing that you were most likely to do over the past month was see a movie, with 80% of Americans and 83% of Canadians saying they have. While figuring out what to watch on Netflix might break your relationships, choosing what kind of weed to smoke while doing so shouldn't.


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