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7 Ideas for Weed-Related New Year's Resolutions

At the beginning of the New Year, people always make resolutions that they rarely go through with. But that’s usually because they pick something super complicated that they’d never accomplish. But we have seven idea for New Year’s resolutions you can try, and they all revolve around cannabis! Take a look:

1. Learn to Make Edibles

Sure, there are plenty of places that make great edibles. But everyone knows homemade stuff always tastes better. So why don’t you learn a few edibles recipes this year and impress all your friends with your chef skills?

2. Learn to Grow Your Own Cannabis

Just like how making your edibles makes them taste better, you should grow your own cannabis as well. It’s a fun hobby to pick up, and once you’ve finished growing it, you can get high on your own supply!

3. Fight for Legalization

There might not be any elections in 2019, but there are still ways to help push for marijuana legalization. Attend a rally or work on a petition drive to change marijuana laws in your city, state or country.

4. Visit a Legal Weed State

Some of you reading this may not live in a legal marijuana state. So you should definitely look to visit a state or country that has legal marijuana. And even if you live in a legal state, why not take a vacation to a place where you can still legally enjoy cannabis?

5. Try a Different Strain or Product Every Time You Go to a Dispensary

Are you the type of person who gets the same strain every time you go to a dispensary? Why not change it up a little in 2019. Get a different strain or try a new edible every time you go to a dispensary. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

6. Don’t Make a 4/20 Joke

Come on, that joke’s worn out. Let’s avoid it this year.

7. Share!

Stop hogging all your cannabis! No one likes a stingy stoner! Share with your friends so you can all enjoy marijuana together.


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