The Best Questions And Answers From Cannabis Themed Ask Me Anythings

Reddit's " ask me anything" is now a public relations staple of promoting a new book, cause, film, or television special. Celebrities, politicians, and activists go before Reddit's broad base of users in much the same way the same people do rounds of radio station interviews and late night talk show chats, except on Reddit they challenge the entire internet to, literally, ask them anything they wish. Occasionally, even the "ask me anything" threads by very average citizens end up hugely popular.

Discussions about legalization, cannabis, and the marijuana industry have ballooned over the past few years, so it's no surprise that cannabis-related "ask me anything" threads have been increasingly fashionable.

Here are a few of our favorite question and answers from cannabis themed "ask me anythings".

Tommy Chong Responds To A Question About Taking THC Breaks

Chong is actually very active on Reddit, posting to r/trees on a near daily basis from his username SantaChong.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Gives A Medical Opinion On Recreational Cannabis Legalization

Pioneering Marijuana Critic Jake Browne Explains His Process For A Strain Review

Harbourside Health Owner Steve DeAngelo Explains Why He Doesn't Believe In Recreational Cannabis

A Cannabis Attorney From Gleam Law Answers The Important Question Of The Day

High Times Staff Talk About Their Favorite Strains

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