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‘I want the smell, I want to pass the joint, I want the laughing bag. I want all that shit’: Retired Congressman Bob Brady is Ready to Smoke Pot

Philadelphia congressmen Bob Brady retired last Wednesday after an illustrious two-decade career and boy, is he ever ready for a joint.

Two weeks ago, the Democratic City Committee chairman told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he planned to smoke up after retirement, regardless of marijuana’s legal status in Pennsylvania. Now, it seems that he is walking back those statements—but only slightly.

Brady has confirmed that he still plans to consume cannabis, but now says he will only do so if it’s legal.

"I’ve waited this long already, might as well wait until it’s legal," Brady told the Inquirer. "Maybe I’ll smoke with you."

Brady said that, for him, the cannabis conversation really began after he told his Organizational Dynamics class at the University of Pennsylvania that he had never smoked marijuana, and was interested in trying it. After class, a student came up to him and offered him three joints, which he said he politely refused.

Nevertheless, his interest has persisted. He even knows exactly how he wants to do it, too. Don’t even talk to him about edibles.

"I want the smell, I want to pass the joint, I want the laughing bag. I want all that shit," he said. "I don’t need a goddamn strawberry."

Despite his enthusiasm, the congressman only proactively signed his name to one cannabis reform bill during his 20 year tenure, which was focused on protecting banks working with marijuana businesses.

While 2019 could be the year for Pennsylvania, it is just as likely that Brady will have to wait a few more years for his first legal toke.


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