Coolio Smashes Mics, Vanilla Ice Breakdances With Ninja Turtles, And More From The ‘I Love The 90s’ Tour

The nationwide nostalgia binge known as the I Love the 90s Tour is fully underway, featuring throwback acts like Vanilla Ice, Sugar Ray, Salt-N-Pepa, Coolio and more reviving their vintage hits. But the onstage entertainment is nothing compared to the offstage antics that have giving us quotable gems like...

"Didn't you know I'm Black-gyver?" - Coolio

The 'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper likes to tinker with electronics backstage. At one point, Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield caught Coolio taking a sledgehammer to his mic.  "Didn't you know I'm Black-gyver?" the rapper said.

He added that his custom equipment is built to handle that kind of abuse. "It's strong, it's sturdy, it's not gonna break," Coolio explained. "It's my Mic-Saber. They try to get us to use these dinky little fabric ones, but I ain't having that shit"

"No, I was not on Ecstasy" - Mark McGrath

On top of sharing the marquee, a few acts are also getting into friendly dance-offs onstage. So you can hear your favorite retro acts play their biggest hits and watch them get owned by Vanilla Ice. That's what happened to Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath when he challenged the Iceman's moves.

"The first show I did, last March in Las Vegas, I found myself dancing onstage with Vanilla Ice, having a dance-off, and losing terribly by the way, next to a Ninja Turtle and a giant Transformer. And I was not on Ecstasy or molly."

"To me, Psy's 'Gangnam Style' is The Beach Boys' 'God Only Knows'," - Mark McGrath

The 'Someday' singer perfectly summed up the meaning of 'nostalgia goggles' when discussing how memory skews our tastes in music.

"Some of the Nineties songs - yeah, they were novelties, and some of them maybe weren't the deepest in the world. But if the 'Macarena' was the first song your son or daughter ever sang, that song is 'Hey Jude' to you. That song will always be 'Hey Jude' to you. I understand, because Psy's 'Gangnam Style' was the first song my kids ever sang. So that song to me is 'God Only Knows.'"

"You know you've made it when you're a Halloween costume" - Salt

Salt of Salt-N-Pepa fully embraces the notion that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Some people loathe cosplay, but the 'Push It' rapper sees it as a testament to her hip-hop duo's longevity.

"No one on the corner has swagger like us" - Vanilla Ice

On top of dusting off 90s classics like 'Ice Ice Baby' and 'Ninja Rap,' headliner Vanilla Ice also takes on recent hits. At the end of one show, he invited the crowd onstage to rock out to M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes' with him, karaoke-style. Oh, and McGrath wasn't lying about those Ninja Turtles and Transformers.


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