Hustler Founder Larry Flynt Says Marijuana is 'Finally Prevailing'

Hustler magazine founder and publisher Larry Flynt is usually promoting things related to free speech. But there's apparently a new reason for the adult media magnate to celebrate: marijuana.

In the 44th anniversary issue of Hustler, Flynt used his publisher's statement to discuss the progress marijuana legalization has made in recent years. He also used the column as a way to bash some anti-cannabis politicians as well.

For instance, he took aim at former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who announced earlier this year that he supports medical marijuana and even joined the advisory board of a cannabis company. 

“Why is he jumping the bandwagon now? Because it’s safer to do so now that several states have legalized both medicinal and recreational marijuana,” Flynt wrote. “Conservatives are always two steps behind on any kind of forward-thinking progress.” 

Flynt also discussed Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's support for hemp farming. Flynt bashed the U.S. government's decision to outlaw the farming of hemp in the first place, noting it "is the single most versatile plant on Earth, used for everything from clothing, paper, fiberboard, insulation, fuel and food to toxic cleanup." He also said he suspects why McConnell and Boehner are now supporting these initiatives.

"McConnell and Boehner are simply adhering to what should be the real motto of the GOP, money talks," Flynt wrote.

Flynt also stated his support for various bills in Congress that would protect states with legalized marijuana and remove federal prohibition of the drug.

Now we can finally add the Hustler reader demographic to supporters of marijuana legalization.

(h/t Forbes)


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