There's Been a Huge Increase in Men Getting Muscle Implants

When you think of plastic surgery, you most likely think about botox injections or breast implants. But it turns out the hottest trend in plastic surgery is actually men getting muscle implants.

Men's Health recently ran a feature on the growing trend of men getting muscle implants. One plastic surgeon with offices in Los Angeles and New York says he's seen over a 400 percent increase in the number of male patients asking for muscle implants from 2013 to 2018. 

Social media seems to be one of the biggest factors for this trend. While men have always had a motivation to stay fit, the increased pressures of looking good on social media have led many men, even those in good shape, to get these implants so they can look really good in shirtless pictures on Instagram.

Some note that these pressures are even bigger in the gay community. The desire to be fit and muscular appears to be a bigger phenomenon than among straight men. One plastic surgeon says around 65 percent of his patients who receive the muscle transplants are gay.

Others simply want to look more muscular. Plastic surgeons note that many of their patients are already in good shape and go to the gym regularly, but aren't able to get that perfectly sculpted, muscular look that they want. So they get the implants to achieve what going to the gym cannot.

However there are major complications associated with the surgery, and people can develop permanent muscle and nerve damage if it's not done well. These risks are much smaller though when using a surgeon who's experienced with these type of procedures.

So the next time you see a picture of a jacked guy, don't feel too bad. He might be pumping himself up with silicon rather than iron.

(h/t Men's Health)


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