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How to Tell Your Family You Smoke Weed

Most of us are raised from an early age knowing that our parents and families would be less than thrilled – if not flat out appalled – by our appreciation and consumption of marijuana. But legalization is spreading, attitudes are changing, and the need conceal our smoking is becoming a thing of the past. Besides—as you get older the idea of hiding something so harmless becomes increasingly silly. But how do you tell your family you smoke weed?

It’s an understandable conundrum, especially if you have a more conservative family who is unlikely to take the news well. So let’s spend a moment discussing how it’s best to let your family in on your weedy secret.

How to Tell Your Family You Smoke Weed

If you’ve been smoking marijuana for any length of time, your family probably already knows or has their suspicions – especially if you spend a lot of time sneaking off when you’re around them, or if you have Christmas lights hung in your living room in June and tend to play Pink Floyd on repeat. In this case it likely won’t come as much of a surprise.
But here are a few things you can do before you break the news:

Ask if they’ve tried it.
Your family might not talk about it, but it’s more than likely that some of them have smoked in the past. And you might be amazed to learn that some of them still do. Casually mention the recent changes in pot laws, and ask if they’ve ever tried it. Even if their answer is no, at least the conversation is starting.

Arm yourself with facts
Ignorance has been one of the largest barriers to cannabis legalization. A lot of people ran with the whole “Reefer Madness” idea, and they simply don’t know the facts. Arm yourself with information about how widespread smoking is, the health benefits, how safe it is, common misconceptions, and so forth. Some people are stubborn – especially family – and facts don’t tend to sway them much no matter what the topic, but knowledge is still power.

Softball it in
Maybe start by mentioning offhand that you smoked in the past. Test the waters with a statement like, “I tried it once.” It will spark their curiosity and get them talking. Take things from there.

At a certain point, it will come down to being honest. The points above will help ease them in, but there will come the time when you simply have to tell them the truth and be done with it. You might be surprised by how well they take it.

And I can tell you from personal experience, once that time comes, your holiday dinners will be a lot more carefree and delicious.


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