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How to Talk to Your Significant Other About Smoking Weed

Unless you met your significant other in a smoker's circle, it's important to talk to him or her about smoking cannabis (or “weed” as it's known on the street) and how he or she feels about marijuana use in general. Just like discussing your views on drinking alcohol, it's important to discuss where you stand when it comes to using cannabis and for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis laws are changing rapidly across North America, but even if marijuana is legal in your state or province, some people hold more conservative views about marijuana use than others (like drinking alcohol) and at some point, it's a topic you should discuss with your significant over. Every relationship is different, but there are some things you can do to make sure the talk with your significant other about smoking weed goes smoothly.

1. Bring up the topic of smoking weed early in the relationship in a place where you know you'll both feel comfortable. Talking about smoking weed helps to establish an honest, intimate dialogue and strengthens the growing bond between you.

2. Ask if your significant other has any experience smoking weed or if they know other people who use cannabis. His or her answers may guide the conversation at this point, as you may be able to educate him or her on any misconceptions or bad information with well-researched facts and stories of your own experience. However, you should also prepare for your significant other to possibly denounce any cannabis use regardless of what you say.

3. Be honest about your history and current habits of smoking weed, and try to give specific reasons why you use cannabis. Even if your significant other disapproves of marijuana, your truthfulness will build on the respect existing between you and avoid him or her of finding out about your use of cannabis in another way.

4. Suggest to your significant other that you have a (responsible) smoke session together, but prepare for him or her to decline and do not pressure him or her to agree. This is a great way to introduce your significant other to cannabis, and perhaps the first of many smoke (or vape) sessions the two of you will share


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