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How to Smoke Weed for the First Time

With cannabis gaining rapid and widespread legalization across Canada and an every-expanding smattering of U.S. states, it’s not only losing the legal barriers that once prevented some from indulging in it, but also the stigma that came along with prohibition. That being the case, many people are wondering how to smoke weed for the first time.

Consider this a quick guide for first time weed smokers.

Tips on How to Smoke Weed for the First Time

      - Consider your goals

Back in the day when you had to buy cannabis from a dealer, you kind of got what you got. But one of the benefits of legalization has involved gaining the ability to acquire different strains of marijuana that provide different affects.

So, why do you want to smoke weed? There are a wide range of reasons – relaxation, pain management, euphoria, energy boost, appetite management, even sex. And there are strains that lend themselves to each of these goals in different ways.

The simplest classification to keep in mind: Sativas are up-and-at-‘em strains that are great if you’ll be active or creative, while Indicas are mellower and better for relaxation, pain relief, or anything that involves extensive couch time.

       - Speak with a budtender

Once you know why you want to smoke, it’s time to go to a dispensary and get the right strain for your needs. You can find suggestions by searching online, but perhaps the best way to choose involves simply going to the store and asking for recommendations.  

       - Consider quantity

You need to know how much weed you want. For starters, it’s probably best to get a small amount, like a gram (around $10-15), a “twenty” ($18-25), or an eighth ($35-55), or even a single joint.
And bring cash, as most dispensaries don’t take cards.

        - Choose your method

These days there are a slew of methods for smoking – joints, pipes, bubblers or bongs (also known as “water pipes”), vaporizers, vape pens, and so on. All offer different benefits, but for beginners a joint, pipe, or vape pen will usually suffice.

The Actual First Time Weed Smoking Process

Once you have all the proper tools, it’s time to get high. Here are a few things to keep in mind when smoking weed for the first time:

- Don’t overpack the bowl or it will be harder to smoke.

- Try not to hold the flame on the bud, but rather right above it so the heat is drawn down and through it.

- Make sure you inhale all the way into your lungs and not just into your mouth. Otherwise you’re not going to get the affect you’re looking for.

- Go slow. Start with a puff, see how it makes you feel, then after ten or twenty minutes if you think you want more, take another.

- If you’re eating edibles, make sure you start with a small quantity, then give it at least an hour to kick in before you eat more.

- Be in a comfortable space, and give yourself plenty of time before you have any responsibilities that would best be performed with a clear head.

Keep in mind that many people claim that they didn’t get high the first time they smoked. That probably means they didn’t inhale correctly. The effect should kick in pretty quickly – almost immediately for most people. If you give it twenty to thirty minutes and don’t feel anything, try again.

And there you have it! You’ve smoked weed for the first time. Now Star Wars, Fritos, and sunsets will be even better. Enjoy.


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