The Case For Sensible Joints

It seems like rapper-sized, two-gram joints get all the attention: but really, isn't that gigantic hexa-barrel blunt a little bit excessive?

It's high time that we started to celebrate the virtues of the modest pinner: that cute, little J that gets you slightly-elevated as opposed to couch-locked, flat-out blazed.

Here's why you should master the art/science of crafting a perfectly-sized, professional-quality joint.

1. Waste not, want not

Gluttony is, after all, the second deadly sin. Fortunately, North American culture is reacting against decades of excessive consumption in the form of tiny electronics, tiny homes, tiny cars. Extending the trend to include sustainable joints has the obvious perk of ensuring you don't find yourself caught short.

2. Keep your cool

Cavalierly rolling up your entire supply in one sitting might make you a high-roller in your own mind, but it puts you at risk of a Maureen Dowd/Dej Loaf-style bad time. You can always smoke more: you can't smoke less.

3. Show off your skills

Rolling a delicate, evenly-burning, visually-appealing joint is an art form. Choose your papers wisely: some find cellulose is best for joints of 1/4gram and smaller; others swear by the classics. As always, pick out stems, then properly grind the product. Ensure it's evenly distributed along the length of the paper, with enough room for a small filter, before carefully spinning it up.

4. Get with the times

What most of us are getting these days is more potent than ever. It stands to reason that consumers - and dispensaries - are embracing a less-is-more approach to pre-rolled joints and edibles - see mini-joints, the Rookie Cookie, and Dixie One. In light of all this, maybe it's time to follow Faith Hill's example and try just a little.

h/t The Cannabist, GQ


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