Morning, Noon And Night: Medical Marijuana Strains To Help You Through The Day

Incorporating medical cannabis into a daily routine is a challenge complicated by the knowledge gap between new consumers and the intricacies of marijuana. As more people turn to marijuana for its medicinal qualities, patients need to answer the questions of what, when and how to properly dose themselves. Here's a simple guide to the strains to use at different times of the day.

Morning Highs

Sativa-dominant strains are a great way to start the day. Often high in THC and relatively low in cannabidiol (CBD), patients find sativas provide euphoria, energy and stimulate creativity. They are reputed to help with a variety of ailments, sativas couple well with a morning cup of coffee.

Recommended strains:

Midday Mediums

Hybrids and strains high in CBD mix well with a daily routine. Known primarily for their medicinal properties, CBD varieties are the best starting point for anyone new to cannabis while hybrids can be a good choice for an experienced patient. Both can help increase appetite and aid with a range of conditions.

Recommended strains:

Evening Relaxation

Indicas are an ideal start to the evening or end to the night. Because indica-dominant phenotypes are said to have the most powerful analgesic effect of any strain, they are an integral part of a pain-management strategy that includes marijuana. The potency of an average indica flower also means it's best used at night, oftentimes as an aid for sleep disorders.

Recommended strains:

Remi L. Roy is the Digital Content Writer for Tweed Inc.


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