How To Make A Cannabis Smoothie Using Raw Marijuana

Raw cannabis can make a great addition to your morning smoothie, helping you get many of the benefits of cannabis without getting you stoned.

Why Juice Cannabis?

Like many fruits, vegetables and herbs, cannabis can be juiced, or blended to create a health snack. And while blending up your preferred strain may sound complicated, it's actually not that much different than making your usual morning smoothie.

Juicing cannabis allows you to get some of the benefits of cannabis consumption (decreasing inflammation and improving appetite for instance) without getting you high.

But How Does That Work?

THC is the component of cannabis that get s you high. It is released from the plant when you heat it up but isn't actually found in raw cannabis. As Forbes's Kristian Astre explains, "THCA and CBDA are the raw, unheated versions of THC and CBD that are found in live cannabis." Any time you smoke or vape cannabis, the innate THCA is turned into THC through a process called decarboxylation.

So, when you juice cannabis, you skip the process that gives marijuana its psychoactive effect, meaning you won't get high. But both THCA and CBDA will give you many of the same benefits that'd you also get from smoking up.

So What Do I Need To Do?

This is where things get a little tricky. In theory all you have to do is get some raw or live cannabis and throw it into your juicer or blender. In practice, however, this is more complicated than it sounds.

All the stuff that is sold for smoking or vaping is dried or cured cannabis, and chances are that your local dispensary wouldn't have any raw buds on hand. in states where it's legal to grow your own cannabis, your best bet would be to cultivate your own plants for the express purpose of harvesting raw buds for juicing (or make friends with someone who grows at home).

Or you could wait for cannabis smoothies to come to you. With the rise of things like cannabis-cocktails and CBD lattes, it might not be long before you start seeing 'green' smoothies at your local juice bar.

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