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How to Like Marijuana But Avoid Stoner Culture

Even though cannabis has been a major part of our cultural heritage for thousands of years, recent portrayals of typical “stoners” have led many marijuana consumers to wonder how to avoid stoner culture in this negative light. Lazy, forgetful, clumsy, and dim-witted are all characteristics given to today's typical stoner in movies and on television. However, the reality of today's cannabis culture is one of a unique appreciation of the herb's characteristics and qualities that permeates everything (including art, language, food, behavior, world views, and spiritual introspection) and each marijuana consumer expresses differently.

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted across North America (and across the world) the negative stereotypes of stoner culture will fade over time. Until then, we offer a few tips on how to avoid stoner culture while still being able to enjoy your cannabis.

1. Don't call cannabis “weed,” “pot,” “ganja,” or any other nickname you know marijuana to go by. Using the herb's proper name helps to dispel any myths surrounding the plant.

2. Avoid having an unkempt appearance, wearing tie-dyed clothing, or looking like a “hippie” if you don't want to be associated with today's stoner culture.

3. Avoid playing “stoner games” like disc golf and hacky sack.

4. Don't make a big deal about anything and everything associated with the number 420.

5. Take the time to eat well. Stoners are thought of as being too preoccupied with smoking marijuana to worry about making healthy, nutritious meals; instead giving in to the sudden onset of munchies with either fast food or quick snacks that need little (if any) preparation and cooking time.

6. Don't carry items associated with cannabis users on your person. Such items include lighters, rolling papers, or Visine, as most people who see you with these items will probably assume your consume marijuana.

7. Be mindful of the books, pictures, music, and other artistic items you own that would be considered part of the stoner culture. Images that feature cannabis leaves or leaving a record that references marijuana aren't good to have around if you're trying to avoid association with the stoner culture.


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