Remember Jeff Sessions's testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee? It's hard to believe it was a week ago - or was it longer? I don't recall. Either way, one of the most disappointing things about Sessions's testimony was that it happened when 'Saturday Night Live' was on its summer break - robbing us of one of Kate McKinnon's giddy sendups of the Attorney General.


Al Franken (Alex Moffat) & Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon)

So, good on Seth Meyers for giving us a chance to see the next best thing. McKinnon stopped by "Late Night" recently, and talked about why she prefers playing 'Sesh' to Kellyanne Conway ("There’s a joyfulness with which he proceeds," McKinnon muses), and more. Check it out below:

"Grinch mouth". Kinda sums it up, doesn't it?