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How to Identify Micro-Nutrient Deficiencies in Cannabis Plants

It's important that you can identify when your cannabis plant is showing signs of a micro-nutrient deficiency if you want to support a healthy crop and have a successful harvest. Micro-nutrients are elements plants need in small, trace amounts, and cannabis plants that are lacking one or more micro-nutrients display a number of symptoms. Here we talk about how to identify some of the most common micro-nutrient deficiencies in cannabis plants you're growing yourself.

  • Boron (B)
    Though relatively rare, Boron deficiencies manifest primarily in the new growth of cannabis plants as thick, gray growth shoots and roots as well as burnt, scorched leaf tips that curl. You'll also see brown or yellow spots on young leaves, abnormally twisted or slowed growth, and the stems that become rough and hollow.
  • Copper (Cu)
    A Copper deficiency first appears as leaves turning shades of deep green, blue, and purple with pale yellow or white along the edges. The leaves also stiffen and have a shiny, metallic sheen.
  • Iron (Fe)
    You can identify an Iron deficiency in cannabis plants by the pale yellow color the new growth turns, however the leaf veins remain dark green. Iron deficiencies in cannabis plants are usually a result from a pH problem, so make sure to test the soil.
  • Manganese (Mn)
    When cannabis plants experience a Manganese deficiency, a yellow color develops at the base of leaves and moves outwards towards the tips. Brown spots form on the affected leaves, and the plant's growth is often stunted.
  • Molybdenum (Mo)
    The tell-tale sign of a Molybdenum nutrient deficiency is when the leaves display a bright orange, pink, or red color that spreads to throughout the leaf. Like with other nutrient deficiencies, the middle and lower leaves may turn yellow and spotted.
  • Zinc (Zn)
    You can spot a Zinc deficiency in your cannabis plants by the stunted vertical growth and the white areas that form between the veins and at leaf tips of the youngest leaves. If the cannabis plant is flowering, the buds may stop growing and even die off if the Zinc deficiency isn't corrected.


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