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How to Have the Munchies Like a Goddamn Adult

The sweet wash of a chocolate milkshake rolling over your tongue. Potato chips that get crispier and saltier by the mouthful. Pretzels with guacamole because, why not? Having the munchies is fun. But the nauseating sluggishness that often follows a marijuana-induced snack binge is not.

The increased appetite and general joie de manger that often accompanies cannabis consumption is one of the plant’s most famous and bittersweet side effects. Indulging while high need not be an act of total physical decimation, however. A little mindfulness and forethought can go a long way in turning high snacking into a healthful and moderate experience.

Stock Up on Cut Fruits and Veggies

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One reason that marijuana induces the munchies in us is that consumption of THC triggers the release of hormones that tell your body you are starving. Since you won't feel totally full no matter what you eat while under the influence, go for healthy whole foods that can be consumed en masse with little consequence.

Fruits and veggies like carrots, celery, grapes, and tangerines are high in vitamins and fiber. They also have a substantial water content, which has the pleasant secondary effect of relieving cotton mouth. Fruits and veggies with unusual textures, such as jicama or pomegranate seeds can also be fun to eat while your tongue is in a heightened state of awareness.

Eat With Intention

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Another reason we tend to hit the snacks hard while high is that THC impacts the brain’s olfactory system, which is responsible for the senses of taste and smell. THC appears to make the brain more sensitive to taste, so we are actually tasting more and with greater intensity. Marijuana is to food what a nice pair of headphones is to music. We’re suddenly aware of notes we hadn’t noticed before.

If you know you’ll be using cannabis, consider purposely indulging in foods that you don’t normally eat. Just as you might get a nice cheese to go with a bottle of wine, stop off at the Italian bakery and get that cannoli you’ve been hearing about. Going out of your way to treat yourself will naturally cause you to enjoy each bite more slowly. You’ll then be able to fully enjoy the experience of taking these flavors in while high.

By savoring foods with more mindfulness, you’ll also feel more satisfied and less compelled to thoughtlessly shovel snacks into your mouth.

Get Cooking

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The next time you’re stricken with a burst of sativa-fueled energy, skip the spontaneous trip to the convenience store. Instead, put on some good music, and make something using what you have at home.

Cannabis has been known to encourage creative thinking. This is partly because cannabis helps the brain connect seemingly unrelated concepts. For this reason, you may walk into your kitchen and be stricken with a brilliant idea for mango cilantro avocado toast. (You’re welcome.) Taking the time to cook something up, even if you’re home alone, will further cultivate your connection to and enjoyment of it when you finally chow down.

Get Into Fun Water

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Dry mouth is going to happen. Prepare ahead of time by keeping flavored sparkling waters like La Croix in your pantry. Your heightened senses will be especially amendable to the various flavors and textures of the water, and staying hydrated will help prevent you from becoming drowsy or getting a headache.

You can also easily flavor tap water by adding citrus, apples, and strawberries or fresh herbs like basil, mint, or rosemary. Any of these infused flavors will hit your tongue nicely, and prevent you from making a mad dash for the closest sugary drink you can find.

By putting some creativity and appreciation into what we eat while high, we can use both food and cannabis to enhance the sublime and pleasurable experience of consuming one another.


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