How to Get Weed Delivered to Your Door

If you live somewhere that permits adults to consume cannabis you might be wondering if there is a way to get marijuana delivered directly to you. The emerging cannabis “telemedicine/telehealth” industry offers patients a convenient and efficient way to acquire medicinal marijuana without leaving the privacy of their own home. However, as laws surrounding marijuana change across the country, there are many gray legal areas that have emerged, and the businesses that offer weed delivery services to your door exist in this murky legal area. 

Also, we know that sketchy weed delivery services have been around for many years in bigger cities (regardless of national cannabis laws) but these “back-ally” operations usually aren't associated with a reputable dispensary, and the products may not be lab-tested. Here we touch on how to get weed delivered to your door in the safest way possible.

1. Know the laws about cannabis purchases and possession specific not only to your state, but also those of your county and city. Some states directly address the subject of cannabis delivery services, while others have vague legislation that neither prohibits nor allows weed deliveries to the door of medical marijuana patients. Also, a few states (like California) leaves the issue of whether to allow weed delivery services to be decided by each county or city.

2. Get your medical marijuana card. Again, the rules surrounding how to do this are different in each state, but you will have to get a recommendation to use medical cannabis from a qualified health care provider to get a medical marijuana card from the proper state department.

3. Check with your local dispensaries to see if any of them offer cannabis delivery services. If none of them deliver cannabis to patients' homes, consult services like the Telehealth Portal of, Weedmaps, or SpeedWeed. 

4. Place your order with the local cannabis delivery service of your choosing and wait for a courier to arrive at your home at a scheduled time. Also, while a few marijuana delivery services accept debit cards as payment, prepare to pay for the weed delivered to your door (and tip the courier) with cash!


The legal cannabis industry in Colorado has reached another huge milestone. On Wednesday the Colorado department of Revenue announced the state has now generated more than $1 billion from cannabis taxes since the recreational cannabis market launched in 2014. In a statement, Gov.

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