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How to Get a Job at a Marijuana Dispensary

If you're eager to enter the fast-growing cannabis industry, you're no doubt wondering how to get a job at a marijuana dispensary. There are many different types of positions in cannabis dispensaries, each with its own requirements of skill, background, and knowledge, and you will pursue every job at a marijuana dispensary in a slightly different way. To set you on the right track, here we talk about some basic steps on how to get a job at a marijuana dispensary.

1. You should have a basic understanding of marijuana, including the different ways it is grown, what kind of products are made with the herb, the characteristics and effects of different strains, and the basics of cloning or breeding plants.

2. Determine what kind of job at a marijuana dispensary you would like. If you're trying to get in at the ground level, consider an entry-level position such as a cashier, receptionist, or bud trimmer. However, if you already have some experience in the cannabis industry, you may qualify for jobs with more responsibilities at a marijuana dispensary, like grower, edibles chef, or budtender. There are also plenty of jobs that don't require any knowledge of the cannabis industry, like accountants, security guards, and regulation inspectors.

3. Update your résumé to include skills needed in the cannabis industry, like customer service, sales, bookkeeping, working with plants, or experience working with sensitive information.

4. Attend cannabis industry workshops, courses, and conferences (some of which offer a “certification” as proof of attendance) to inquire about open jobs at marijuana dispensaries.

5. Ask the managers of marijuana dispensaries you frequent (preferably early in the day before business picks up) if they have any open positions. If the manager is unavailable, ask a budtender if they are looking for any help in the shop.

6. Apply for jobs at marijuana dispensaries you think you meet the qualifications for. You can look for a job at a marijuana dispensary on websites such as:

Ms. Mary Staffing

7. Be open to starting out as a volunteer; you never know what can lead to a job interview!


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