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How to Find the Best Marijuana Dispensary

It’s happening! Legalized cannabis is sweeping the continent, and dispensaries are opening their doors for business. Depending on where you live, some of these dispensaries have been open for years. So how do you find the best marijuana dispensary?

And some dispensaries are better than others. Just like in any other industry, there are businesses that provide quality service, and others that leave the customers wanting.

How to Find the Best Weed Dispensary

Here are a few ways you can be sure to find the best marijuana dispensary:

1. Look online

The first step for most people will be to look on the internet. Like any other business, dispensaries tend to be listed online, and there are a variety of resources to point you in the right direction, from Yelp to industry-developed weed maps.

But as the industry is new and growing fast, many great dispensaries open their doors before going online. So what about those?

2. Ask around

Cannabis smokers tend to be a pretty close-knit tribe, and for the longest time basically the only way to get any info about marijuana was via word of mouth. Legalization and the internet might have opened things up a bit, but oftentimes the best way to get info is by asking someone in the know.

Ask your pot-smoking friends about their favorite dispensaries. They’ll usually have the inside dope (pun intended) on which dispensaries carry the most strains, the best accessories, and that offer the best deals.

3. Look for deals

Speaking of deals, competition has grown as more dispensaries have opened, and to stand out some have begun offering a variety of deals. These can range from typical sales, to punch cards, to point systems. Whatever the case, look for a dispensary that will hook you up at the best price.

4. See for yourself

In the end, nothing beats first-hand experience. If you want to find the best marijuana dispensary in your town, visit each one and see which you like best.

A great dispensary will offer:

A variety of strains (that are actually in stock, not always sold out)

A variety of alternate cannabis forms like tinctures, hash, oils, shatter, and so forth

A range of pipes and other accessories

A knowledgeable, helpful staff

Great sales or point systems

An all-around positive atmosphere

So how do you find the best marijuana dispensary? I suggest you use all of these – cruise the web, ask around, look for deals, then pop in to different stores and see which one you like best.


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