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How to Dab Like You Know What You’re Doing

As the cannabis industry has developed, new smoking methods have become increasingly common. One such method involves smoking a cannabis concentrate through a special process known as “dabbing”. Let’s take a minute to make sure you know how to dab like you know what you’re doing.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing involves attaching a special adapter to your bong that is used to superheat cannabis concentrate. While normal marijuana usually contains 10 to 25% THC, these concentrates contain a crazy 70 to 90%. Basically, they get you super high.

Before you can dab, you’ll need some specific gear:

These come in a variety of forms, such as oil, shatter, wax, and rosin.

A rig is a specially designed adapter that makes your bong dabbing-capable.

Titanium nail
A rig comes with a nail, and while the nail can be made of a variety of metals, you should try to get one of titanium, which is the most durable.

This is a little glass bulb that goes over the nail to help control where your vapor ends up. Rigs can come with domeless nails, which do not require any additional glass.

The torch is used to superheat the nail. These can be found at any hardware store, or oftentimes at your local dispensary or head shop.

This is a metal or ceramic tool that you use to apply whatever variety of concentrate you’re smoking onto the nail.

How to Dab

Now that you’re equipped, here’ show to dab:

1. Place a small amount of concentrate on the tip of the dabber.

2. Heat the nail with your torch until it glows red, then wait 10-15 seconds for it to cool.

3. Using your dabber, touch the concentrate to the nail moving it around to ensure that it all cooks – be sure to inhale while doing this so your hit won’t drift off.

4. Enjoy

It can be a good idea to dab while seated, as some people are known to get a tremendous head rush causing them to become weak.

That’s all there is to it! Now you know how to dab like a pro.


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