How to Cook a Turkey on a Car Engine

Good Mythical Morning is a talk YouTube series created by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. Every morning, their channel posts a talk show typically consisting of Rhett and Link’s funny antics. Since the channel started in 2012, Rhett and Link have grown a following of over 12 million subscribers who can’t wait to watch their show every day. Now, as the holidays are approaching, Rhett and Link are preparing for Thanksgiving by experimenting with non-oven ways to cook a turkey.

With the help of their Mythical Chef Tess, Rhett and Link cook a turkey under the hood of their car. To cook the turkey in the car, they put it on the exhaust manifold, a part of the engine where all the air goes out of. Their turkey is too big to fit over the exhaust, so they first have to de-bone the bird, which they wrap in foil and cook on the 254 degree exhaust for three hours. Unfortunately, they can’t drive for three hours with the turkey in the engine, so they set up a “parking lot roadtrip” to cook their dinner. After three hours, they have a fully-cooked turkey that thankfully doesn’t taste like car, so if for some reason you don’t have an oven this Thanksgiving, you can always use your car.      


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