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How To Come Down From A Cannabis High

Catching a nice high is part of the reason why many people choose to consume cannabis—but as always, you can have too much of a good thing. Sometimes you can't help it—you find that you've exceeded your limit when it's already too late or you might get caught off-guard by the potency of what you were smoking. So what do you do if you get too high?

We've put together a list of things you can do to make your too high situations a little more comfortable.

Don't Panic

You should always keep your calm—most symptoms will disappear after a while. Give it some time to wind down and see if you get back to a more comfortable high. During this period, don't consume any more cannabis. That's not going to help you come down, trust us.

Just remember that there have been zero reported deaths from a marijuana overdose, so as long as you ride it out and don't put yourself in any potentially dangerous circumstances you'll be OK. All the same, take it slow and one step at a time.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your body well-hydrated during this period. Fluids will get rid of the dryness in your mouth and let you focus on other activities. Make sure you stay away from alcohol, because getting a buzz on while trying to come down will probably just make things worse. You can also eat some nuts and fruits during this time.

Get Some Fresh Air

If you are not too light-headed or feeling too woozy, try getting out and about. Take a walk, get some fresh air into your system and try to relax. The woozy feeling will go away with time. While outside take long, deep breaths and avoid strenuous activity—keep it to a walking speed or a light jog. Walking will keep your blood flowing which can help you come down from a high pretty quickly. Stay close to your immediate surroundings and ensure you are safe at all times. You can ask a friend to accompany you on your walk if that will help keep you relaxed.

You can also try other exercises if you're still feeling coordinated. Avoid lifting weights which can destabilize you and cause possible accidents. Try doing some cardio to keep the blood pumping in your veins.

Find a Distraction

Keeping yourself busy and distracted is one of the best ways to get over an intense high. There are so many different ways you can keep yourself distracted and this can vary widely depending on where you are and what you like to do.

Try reading a book, or visiting your favorite blogs. Watch a movie or play a game. You can also listen to music and sing along if you want to. Any other hobbies you might have will be a good way to keep yourself distracted, though we might discourage you from doing something like axe throwing—save that for once your high has dissipated.

Hook up with friends and engage in pleasant conversations. You can also grab something to eat. You will probably like this more. As you've probably noticed, getting high gives you the 'munchies.' Suddenly, normal food looks better, tastes better and you just can't resist eating. So snack away.

Eat Black Pepper

This is a trick that Civilized's publisher Derek Riedle swears by. Lots of people say that they experience an almost immediate sense of relief after they eat a peppercorn.

Take a Rest

You can decide to sleep it off. That is what most people do and it works most of the time. If you have the time and capacity, just lay down and sleep it off. This might be tough if you are in a crowd or in a strange place. Be calm, lie down and let go. You will feel much better when you wake up.

Take a Shower or a Bath

If you can take a bath or a shower, do it. It will offer instant relief. If the shower is cold, all the better. Once again, ensure that you do it in a comfortable environment where you can relax.

Know Your Limits

This advice would probably be more efficient before you get high but remember to check your limits at all times. If you know your limits before you consume cannabis, you'll have more success controlling your high. You wouldn't have to worry about finding ways to come down from an extreme high.

Try to remember the motto 'start low, go slow.' Take your time. Smoke slowly, don't inhale too much, or too deeply. Going slow is particularly important if you're consuming edibles, don't consume too much in a short period of time as edibles can take a significant amount of time to take affect.

Use CBD Extracts

Besides being pretty useful in the medical field, CBD has been documented to counter the effects brought about by THC in your body. THC is the component in cannabis that has a psychoactive effect—it gets you high. There are a number of adverse side effects that come as a result of too much THC and you would probably experience most of them if you're feeling a little too high. Paranoia and anxiety are just a couple of examples of the things you might experience if you've had too much THC. You can counter this by taking some CBD extracts.

Have Some Lemon

Lemon contains terpenes that can calm the mind and body. You can make some lemonade or lemon tea. Limonene, a non-stimulant terpene found in lemon, is important in keeping our bodies and minds calm.

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