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How to Combat Dry Mouth When Using Marijuana

As any experienced smoker (or any aspiring smoker who is familiar with the stereotypes) knows, dry mouth can be an unfortunate side-effect of smoking marijuana. And to make matters worse, when dry mouth strikes you’re also high, so not only are you uncomfortable – you’re high and uncomfortable. So how are you to combat dry mouth in these situations?

Here are a few tips.

7 Tips to Help Prevent Dry Mouth

Some of these tips will help prevent dry mouth, while others aim to fix the problem when it rears its cottony head:

Smoke well
Some people find that joints and pipes are too harsh for their mouths. If that sounds familiar, use a water pipe or vaporizer that will provide a cleaner, cooler smoking experience.

Drink water
I know that it seems like common sense, and that’s because it is. When dry mouth occurs, be sure to sip lots of water. And drink water regularly before dry mouth sets in to stave it off ahead of time.

Avoid acidic beverages
Not only does drinking things like soda, orange juice, or anything else containing citric or phosphoric acid not help with dry mouth, but they can actually make it worse.

Get your gum
By chewing gum you activate your mouth’s saliva glands. So gum up and chew.

Eat your vitamins
Some people are more susceptible to dry mouth because they have a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins A, B-12, B-2, and C will all help prevent dry mouth and speed up healing when it does happen.

There are a variety of over-the-counter products that can help improve mouth moisture. Talk with our pharmacist to find something effective.

Some people just tend to be more dehydrated than others. Combat this by using a humidifier when you sleep.
Most of these are great way to not only ward off or fix dry mouth, but can help improve your health in general.
So be a healthy, comfortable smoker, and be sure to keep dry mouth at bay.


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