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How to Caffeinate and Cannibinate Based On What You’re Going To Accomplish Today

Love your morning pot of coffee almost as much as your morning pot? Then you may not be surprised to learn that caffeine and cannabis have a lot in common. Both have been used widely by humans for thousands of years. Both are related to the body’s endocannabinoid system, and may offer a myriad of health benefits, including lower inflammation and increased neuroplasticity. And when used appropriately, both can be a hell of a way to kick off a day of taking care of business.

If you’ve got a full to-do list and a penchant for getting your daytime buzz on, here is the best way to pair up the two, according to which task you’re going to crush.

If You’re Going Hard at the Gym

Coffee Cannabis Energy Smoothie

Moderate amounts of caffeine before a workout can help you push harder and improve your mood.  Cannabis — particularly CBD — can also boost the benefits and duration of your sweat session by helping with inflammation, endurance, and recovery. Whip up a super smoothie with some bananas, nuts and nut butter, your favorite milk, and half a cup off coffee plus a dropper or two of 1:1 CBD/THC oil (or whatever ratio you prefer.)

If you like to fuel with a little fat before working out, look for tinctures that are coconut oil based, like this one from Treatwell. For a little extra caffeine (and sweetness) you can also add a couple squares of dark chocolate. Who says leg day has to suck?

If You’re Running Errands

KivaTerra Bites

Few of life’s simple pleasures are as satisfying as a day spent running errands and crossing off to-do lists. But a day spent stoned in public can go from productive to panicky if you over-cannabinate. (Queue flashbacks of wandering parking structures in a frantic and futile search for your car.)

Avoid overdoing it by opting for Kiva Terra Bites, low dose chocolate-covered espresso beans that allow you to moderate your buzz with precision. The caffeine in the beans is minimal — about 1-2 mg each, but the full coffee flavor achieved by biting into the bean delivers at least a placebo wakeup call. You can also easily keep these on you, and gradually pop additional ones through out the day. (You deserve some reward for actually dropping that stuff off at Goodwill.)  

If You’re Finally Tackling That Project at Home

Pour Over and a Nice Sativa Flower

Get in the mood to go down an organizing rabbit hole by kicking things off with a piping hot cup of pour over and a nice sativa pre-roll like Blue Dream - a reliably energetic strain that will help get you focused and excited to take care of business. Since you don’t have to worry about leaving the house this morning, you can spend a little more time preparing your coffee via pour over. Using this method to brew will yield highly flavorful and caffeinated coffee, which will pair nicely with a slow-consuming method like smoking a joint.

Use the time you’re sipping and smoking to clear your head and get pumped up for the day. Put on a podcast or some music that gets you pumped. In no time, you’ll be knee deep in closet organizers and self-congratulations.  

If You’re Drafting Your Business Plan

Green Tea and Cannabis Elixir

If you’re planning to take over the world today, one beautiful pdf at a time, opt for a morning beverage that will help induce the focus and creativity necessary to see your goals through to completion. Green tea is a great option for when you’ve got mental hills to conquer and brilliant ideas to materialize because - in addition to waking you up - it also boosts brain power.

Pair your favorite tea with a flavored cannabis elixir like Craft Elixir’s Ballard Beat, which will add a splash of blueberry flavor, and a nice invigorating head change to get the brainstorming started.


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