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How to Become a Master Marijuana Grower

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to become a master cannabis grower, you're no doubt wondering how exactly to go about it. For decades, marijuana growers have had to work outside the law as well as in competition with one another, so trade practices were learned and perfected over the years (in many cases decades) and passed on to fellow cannabis farmers in secret.

Becoming a master marijuana grower today is a bit more straightforward these days, and the best ones are very passionate about the health of every plant in their garden. Master growers are among the most in-demand hires in the cannabis industry, due to the knowledge and skills needed to produce large crops of marijuana. To help you understand what it takes to land one of these jobs, here we talk about how to become a master grower of marijuana.

6 Considerations for Prospective Master Marijuana Growers

1. Have a solid understanding of horticulture. An undergraduate or master's degree in an area such as botany or agriculture will provide the basic knowledge and skills necessary for those who want to become a master cannabis grower. Always be open to advancing your education and gaining exposure to different horticulture techniques.

2. Consider getting certified as a “master grower” through one of the many online and in-person courses that have become available. However, understand that there isn't a national standard yet, so while these courses are often educational and helpful, they can't guarantee anything.

3. Get some hands-on horticulture experience. Working in a nursery that produces flowers or food on a commercial scale is very helpful for aspiring marijuana growers.

4. Familiarize yourself with the specific needs of cannabis plants. There are countless books and online resources at your disposal that can help you become a master grower of marijuana. Try your hand at raising a personal cannabis garden before applying for jobs as a master grower.

5. Attend cannabis industry trade shows, job fairs, and other events to network with cultivation companies and ask about open positions. Also, ask local budtenders if they know of any open grower positions.

6. Check cannabis industry job sites like WeedHire, Cannabis Jobs Board, and Ms. Mary Staffing to find open master grower positions that you feel qualified to take on.


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