How to Become a Marijuana Trimmer

If you're interested in breaking into the cannabis industry, you might be wondering how you can become a marijuana trimmer at a cultivation center. Before the recent wave of cannabis legalization, trimming cannabis was generally seasonal work that took place during autumn right after harvest time, but in states where marijuana is now legal, trustworthy trimmers can find full-time, year-round work. These days, becoming a marijuana trimmer is a goal for many entering the cannabis industry across the country, as it typically pays better than dispensary receptionist and budtender positions.

Professional cannabis trimmers set the standards that we expect to see in quality retail cannabis, and even though they gain much of their experience on the job, there are a few things you can do to help make your dream of becoming a marijuana trimmer a reality. Here we talk about how to become a marijuana trimmer in a licensed cannabis cultivation center.

1. Brush up on your knowledge of cannabis plant anatomy, as it's important to know the difference between what you should and shouldn't trim away from marijuana flowers.

2. Learn the differences in appearance between as many cannabis strains as you can, like size, shape, density, and where the largest patches of trichomes develop on flowers.

3. Develop skills that will help you as a marijuana trimmer such as:

  • Accurately weighing and measuring plant matter
  • Handling cannabis carefully without damaging the flowers or the trichomes that cover them
  • Being able to focus on a repetitive physical task for a long periods
  • Using trimming scissors of various sizes

4. Though not a requirement, consider getting a certification from a marijuana training course, like The Cannabis Training University.

5. Look for open marijuana trimming jobs on websites like:

6. Inquire about any open marijuana trimmer positions at licensed cannabis cultivation centers in your community by contacting them directly.

7. Attend cannabis industry job fairs, conferences, or workshops to meet new people and ask about open marijuana trimming jobs. You can also ask employees at your favorite dispensaries if they know of any companies looking for trimmers to hire.


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