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How To Avoid The Allure Of Junk Food When You’re A Cannabis-Loving Traveler

Some may think when you travel a lot, your diet consists of gas station taquitos and bags of spicy chips, especially when you consume marijuana before every meal. But in the case of Holly Alberti, founder of the cannabis lifestyle company Healthy Headie, an ice-packed cooler, a plan and the desire to consume healthy snacks outweighs any junk food munchies. Her philosophy, both personally and with the business, is about conscious consumption.

“In the middle of nowhere there aren’t a lot of options,” Alberti said on the phone as she took a break from driving around her hometown of Oakland, California. “I do my best to pack creatively and do what I can to get a healthy meal.”

She travels so much for Healthy Headie that if you call her, chances are she will be in her car driving to a meeting down the street, or perhaps a dispensary two towns over, or a manufacturer 50 miles away, or flying to a product demonstration in a different state. She may even be eating a salad or sandwich while you have her on the phone, muting the volume so she can take a bite.

Alberti’s company gives consumers in legalized states a chance to test out products such as desktop vaporizers or portable models and learn more about them at in-home private gatherings like the Tupperware parties of yore, hosted by a national network of consultants. The curated array of products includes vapes, home infusion equipment, storage options and other goods.

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