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How to Avoid Smelling Like Marijuana Smoke

Despite its unique aroma that many find enticing, there are dozens of reasons why you might want to know how to avoid smelling like marijuana smoke. Some of those reasons are more serious than others, and there are different measures you can take to rid yourself of any lingering odor from the smoke of cannabis. If you have time to plan, you can take steps to dispense the odor while you partake, but sometimes the situation calls for a quicker cover-up of the smell of marijuana smoke. Here we touch on some of the things you can do to avoid smelling like marijuana smoke after every session.

1. Smoking outdoors is the first line of defense in trying to avoid smelling like marijuana smoke. If you must smoke cannabis indoors, choose a room with good ventilation and open the windows if possible. Also, try to have a low-power fan handy to circulate the air and help dissipate the haze of marijuana smoke. 

2. Use a vaporizer or one-hitter to minimize the smell of smoking marijuana. A bong produces big bellows of smoke that clear the area slowly, while joints constantly burn to keep you clouded in smoke. 

3. Exhale through a small homemade item known as a “sploof” after each toke of cannabis. A “sploof” is simply the leftover cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper or paper towels with a fresh dryer sheet held over one end with a rubber band. This easy-to-make device masks the odor of smoke you exhale to help you avoid smelling like marijuana smoke.

4. Brush your teeth, chew some gum, or eat a mint after smoking cannabis. Just like with smoking cigarettes, you can't smell the lingering odor of smoke on your breath as well as someone who hasn't been smoking with you.

5. Wash your hands, rinse off your face, and spritz yourself with a body spray if you prefer. However, be sure the scent you're using to avoid smelling like marijuana doesn't make the odor more noticeable. 

6. Diffuse any lingering smoke with air fresheners, burning incense, or odor neutralizers. However, don't spray products like Febreze or Ozium directly on your clothes or skin.


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