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How to Avoid Becoming a Weed Culture Cliche

Clichés about people who use cannabis have been around since the 1930s, from the out-of-control marijuana smokers of Reefer Madness to the endless string of “stoner” personalities that permeate our movies, television shows, music, and art. These interpretations of “weed culture” have ben filled with clichés of hippies who are unambitious and worry-free or “gangsters” who are money-hungry and sometimes violent, as well as certain habits and traits thought only to apply to stoners.

However, as laws and opinions about cannabis change across North America and the negative stigma surrounding the herb dissipates, weed culture clichés are transforming with the times. Today's stoner stereotypes are as different as Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, but there are still some classic weed culture clichés we can all recognize and avoid. Here we touch on how to avoid weed culture clichés that still have a less-than-desirable depiction.

1. Maintain good hygiene. A silly (though prevalent) weed culture cliché is that cannabis users don't bathe or shave regularly and that many of them have dreadlocks because they don't take care of their hair. Also, use body spray or odor neutralizers to avoid smelling like marijuana smoke.

2. Don't make a big deal about anything and everything associated with the number 420.

3. Keep a job to avoid portraying the cannabis culture stereotype of a careless, lazy stoner who doesn't want to work or someone who thinks he or she is above working an honest job. 

4. Don't consume cannabis in public; even if you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, you will avoid the weed culture stereotype of the rebellious stoner by consuming cannabis discreetly. 

5. Keep some eye drops on hand to avoid having red, squinting eyes that are a tell-tale sign of a stoner.

6. Don't be a stoner cliché by watching movies or playing video games non-stop.

7. Call marijuana by its proper name, cannabis. Avoid calling the herb “weed” or by any other slang cliché, such as ganja, fire, bud, or dope.

8. Avoid appearing like you “have the munchies” or “cottonmouth” by keeping snacks, drinks, mints, or gum on hand.


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