Check Out This TED Talks Style Cannabis Conference Without Leaving Home

No cannabis conferences coming up where you live? Don't worry: it's 2016, that magical, futuristic era when you don't need to leave the comfort of your living room to catch up on the latest trends.

On January 23-24, the folks over at Green Flower are inviting 20+ cannabis experts, scientists, physicians, and researchers who have devoted their lives to helping people use cannabis as medicine to speak for a TED-talk style 22 minutes on the science around using cannabis for wellness. Some of the topics up for discussion include:

  • Epilepsy, autism, cancer & cannabis
  • Cannabis and pediatric health
  • Treating PTSD, anxiety, and depression
  • The ins and outs of CBD
  • Better dosing strategies
  • How different delivery methods work
  • The future of medical cannabis

The speaker list includes author and dispensary owner Steve DeAngelo, Amanda Reiman of the Drug Policy Alliance, and Dale Sky Jones of Oaksterdam University.

Intrigued? Watch the entire two-day event, in real time, by signing up - free of charge - here.


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