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How To Acquire Cannabis in Oregon

Cannabis has become a major industry for the state of Oregon since recreational use was legalized in October of 2015. Once decision that sped up the success of cannabis sales in the state is the decision to allow dispensaries to sell to both recreational and medical cannabis users, rather than prolonging the process as tax and licensing processes were created.

Finding a dispensary to purchase from has never been easier, with over 418 dispensaries registered throughout the state. Of those 418, 333 have opted to sell cannabis to recreational users as well.

It is predicted that these number will only grow with over 880 applications places as of April 2016.

To purchase cannabis in Oregon it is not required to be a resident of Oregon. You do, however, need to be at least 21 years of age. Those who are visiting from out of town are not permitted to take any marijuana out of state lines and can face a hefty fine if attempting to do so.

You can legally purchase up to eight ounces of marijuana, one of the highest limits in the country.

Medicinal users can continue to purchase marijuana in the same manner they are used to. In some cases, Oregon residents can even have their cannabis paid for by their private insurance company. Medicinal users must be able to present a medical marijuana card that has been given to them by a licensed physician. Licensed physicians will give permits to patients that can physically benefit from the regular use of cannabis.

As the laws surrounding legal marijuana use in Oregon are only a couple of years old and are frequently changing, it's important to frequently check on the current state laws. Being aware of current laws and following all rules concerning cannabis use in Oregon will help you avoid any federal issues.


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